Monday, May 26, 2008

Featured Artist: JYONGRI

Note: My second major change to The Keizou Journal is a revamp of my Featured Artist posts. I’ve decided to include a PV, pictures and a brief bio in one embed. This allows you to listen/watch a PV, view photos and read a bio of the artist at ONE time(!)


My first revamped Feature Artist post is Jyongri. Be sure to vote on the poll and post any suggestions or comments you may have. ENJOY!!!(^_^)

This includes one of her latest PVs, “Kissing Me”. I recommend you watch it from the site where I created it. That way, the size of the video and pictures will be larger. (Sorry in advance for the slightly delayed sound. I uploaded it several times, but it kept being delayed.)

view larger player

I’ve also included a playlist of my favourite songs by JYONGRI.

Jyongri is my all-time favourite artists out of all the ones I’ve featured so far, mostly because all her songs combine Japanese and English lyrics very beautifully. I also enjoy how her songs are very upbeat. Jyongri is a fairly new artist, debuting about two years ago. She’s definitely an artist I expect to grow into a very popular Japanese singer/songwriter.


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