Sunday, August 5, 2007

Review: NANA (live-action movie)

Alternative Title: ナナ
Genre: Romance
Release Date: Sept. 3, 2005 (Japan)
Starring: Miyazaki Aoi as Komatsu Nana, Nakashima Mika as Osaki Nana

NANA is based on the anime/manga of the same name. It's about two girls who coincidentally meet on a train ride to Tokyo. After arriving in Tokyo, they even find themselves living in the same room. Both girls share the same name and age but everything else is different between them. Komatsu Nana is a playful, obedient, talkative girl who is always has a smile on her face. Osaki Nana is part of an rock band. NANA follows the struggles that these two characters go through in life and how their friendship helps them to tackle their problems.

Interesting Fact
Nakashima Mika (Osaki Nana) is actually a popular and successful J-music artist. So far, she as starred in four films.

NANA is the typical romantic story with a love-triangle. It's something that you would see in a J-drama. Since that's the case, NANA doesn't have anything that makes it better than other movies. The only thing I thought was good about the movie was Miyazaki Aoi. She does a great job of playing a joyful and obedient girl. On the other hand, the acting from most of the other character were either average or just plain terrible.

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  • Miyazaki Aoi does a perfect job of portraying a joyful, obedient girl
  • Acting from all other characters is either average or terrible
  • Nakashima Mika should just stick to the J-music industry instead acting
  • Plot is very predictable early on
  • Flashbacks with Osaki Nana and her boyfriend were pointless and weird
Unless you're a huge fan of the anime or manga series, you should skip the live-action adaption.

Rating: 7.0/10

Stay tuned! I plan to review NANA2!


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