Saturday, August 18, 2007

TopChart: Top5 Most Boring PVs

These are the most boring PVs as chosen by me.
Note that I'm NOT judging the PVs by the actual song, melody, or lyrics. This list is only based on the visual content of the PV.

In my opinion, all of these PVs are really nice to listen to, but they're a drag to watch. Here's a definition of boring so that you'll know what these PVs represent.

- adjective
stimulating no interest or enthusiasm

5. Utada Hikari - Flavour of Life
One of my all-time favourite J-ballad songs, but the video just shows Utada singing in a music studio.

4. ayaka - Mikazuki
Another great J-ballad song. The PV is boring since it just shows ayaka sitting on a light.

3. Mr.Children - Shirushi
This PV is boring since it only shows the lead singer of Mr.Children (Sakurai Kazutoshi) on a chair through the whole video.

2. Shimatani Hitomi - Koimizu
This PV only shows Shimatani's face through the whole video.

1. Remioromen - Island
The most boring of them all...This PV doesn't even show the artists singing. It just shows one of the members of Remioromen struggling to swim in the ocean.

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