Sunday, October 21, 2007

Featured Artist: melody.

Birthdate: Feb. 24, 1982
Birthplace: Hawaii

Quick Facts

  • She began her career in Japanese music in 2003
  • Her songs have been featured in many Japanese commercials ranging from videogames to automobiles
  • Her first single, Sincerely become a major hit, reaching third spot on the Oricon charts
  • One of her most successful singles "realize" was featured in the J-dorama Dragonzakura
  • She had her first solo music tour in 2006
Interesting Facts
  • She was raised by Japanese parent in Hawaii so she can speak English and Japanese fluently
  • She's the VJ for a new Japanese music show called J-MELO
  • J-MELO is recorded completely English and is about introducing J-music to the world
Discography ♥= My Favourites

  • [2004.01.21] Sincerely
  • [2006.04.12] Be as one
  • [2007.07.04] READY TO GO!
  • [2003.02.19] Dreamin' Away
  • [2003.06.18] Simple As That / Over The Rainbow
  • [2003.11.27] Crystal Love
  • [2004.06.09] Believe me
  • [2005.01.12] Next to You
  • [2005.08.17] realize / Take a Chance
  • [2006.02.15] see you...
  • [2006.11.08] Lovin' U
  • [2007.02.14] Finding My Road
  • [2007.05.30] Love Story
Now, sit back, look at some melody. pics and listen to her two previous albums, Be As One and READY TO GO!

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