Sunday, December 23, 2007

Featured Artist: ayaka

Real Name: Iida Ayaka, 飯田絢香
Birthday: Dec 18, 1987
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Quick Facts

  • Debuted in 2006 with the song, "I believe"
  • "I Believe" reached #3 on Oricon charts and was featured in J-drama Rondo
  • "I Believe" also made her the first singer/songwriter after Utada Hikaru to debute in the top 5
  • First Message (her first album) was a great success despite being delayed several times
  • First Message reached #1 on Oricon charts, sold over 1,000,000 copies, and was 13th highest selling album of 2006
Ayaka was choosen as Featured Artist because I absolutely love her ballad songs. Recently, she has been releasing more rock songs, which I don't really enjoy. I think she's definitely better singing ballads.
Here's a list of my favourite ayaka singles with their release date:
  • [2006.02.01] I believe
  • [2006.07.19] Real voice
  • [2006.09.27] Mikazuki
  • [2007.07.04] Jewelry day

Here's a playlist of ayaka's first album, First Message.

These are all of ayaka's PVs released so far. Just click on the thumbnail and the video will show.

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