Sunday, June 17, 2007

About my blog posts

Unlike most other blogs, I like to fit each post into a category. The following explains each category:

Most of my blog posts are J-drama and J-movie reviews. I only review dramas or movies that I've completed. I also review anime movies, but only ones that aren't based on an anime series.

Reviews take me a lot of time to prepare and post. All screenshot are taken by me and sometimes I have to extract a scene for the video preview section of the review.

See my Review Guideline for more info about my reviews.

For my TopChart posts, I find a bunch of J-music PVs (music videos) that have something in common (like weird PVs or even PVs that have cherry blossoms in it...anything goes). I then rank them based on criteria that I mention in the post.

Featured Artist/Group
I choose one of my favourite J-music artist or group and write a blog post. The purpose of the "Featured Artist/Group" posts is to introduce people to new Japanese artists that they don't know. All posts feature a short bio of the artist, a music playlist and pictures of the artist. Some of the posts also contain a video playlist.

Got an idea for a new blog post category? contact me or post a comment below


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