Sunday, June 17, 2007

About The Keizou Journal

The Keizou Journal is a blog about Japanese entertainment, including Japanese dramas, Japanese movies, and Japanese music. My blog contains mostly J-drama and J-movie reviews, but I also blog about J-music.

The Keizou Journal was started in 2007 shortly after I got into watching J-dramas. During my early days of watching J-dramas, I noticed a lack of J-drama review sites. Every time I wanted to start a new J-Drama series, I had a hard time choosing. That's when I decided to start The Keizou Journal. I wanted to provide everyone with short spoiler-free reviews.

So far, The Keizou Journal has been a success and other ways it hasn't. I hoped to make some cash by blogging, but so far my earnings are $0. However, I still continue to blog as a hobby.

I'm always looking to improve my blog in anyway possible. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, contact me.

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